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Kaltspeisen nach Wahl mit Brot


Shrimp Cocktail


A little shrimp, a little cocktail

Classic California


You know it's good, just order it

The Caesar


Served with choice of chicken & cheese

Stuffed Tomato


Chicken Salad stuffed with Roma Tomatoes

Club Salda


Fresh romaine lettuce & grated cheese

The Ravioli


Cooked to perfection by Chef Nectar

Nectar Linguine


The best pasta you'll ever eat

Vodka Sauce


With Grilled chicken, tomato and cheese

"Very Big" Bowl


Made to share, four separate samples in one
Steak & Seafood

Salient Filet


Served best medium rare

Oscar Salient FIlet


The Salient Filet with crab meat

Nectar's Choice


Ask your server for more details



Coca cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, Nectar Soda, Salient Fizz



Green, Red, Black, Yellow, White Warm & Hot



Orange, Apple, Vegetable, Strawberry, Blackberry, Lime



Tap, Distilled, Reverse Osmosis